Meet the Photographer

Welcome Friend, I am Tricia Simon

Meet the Photographer

There really is so much to say but I'll keep it short. I was born in Blaubeuren Germany, lived and grew up there for the majority of my life and then moved to the U.S when I was 14. I am a mother, a wife, a molecular scientist, a lover of chocolate, adventures, dogs and traveling. My journey to creating my business really. began in high-school where I fell in love with photography, shooting film. It was so wonderful to be working with my hands and creating art the way I saw it. But, as we all know; film had it's limitations and thus I decided to switch to digital. And here we are, my goal is to create organic, wholesome and unique moments. No two pictures should ever look the same because WE are not the same.

Some fun facts about me. Along with creating these special moments for people, I am also a full-time Ph.D candidate who studies cellular stress. I love science just as much as photography and eventually hope to continue my research on a large scale in order to further the scientific field. I bake almost daily with my three year old daughter, I enjoy traveling, speak German fluently and a tad bit of Spanish. My favorite place to visit thus far has been Spain, I love hiking, cooking and karaoke (even with my absolutely horrid singing voice).

With all this said, I can't wait to meet you and to create these special moments for you!

A sneak peek at what you’ll get if you hire me for your photos.

"Photography is like poetry only visual. There are so many stories and meanings one picture can portray."

says - Jane doe


I was blown away with the turn out of our images that she took from our maternity session! Allowing her to have creative freedom made it easy for us to plan our session. Her client closet was magnificent I felt absolutely stunning in the maternity dress we chose to use!

Valeria W.

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